Stars on Silver

On this blog everything is about analogue concert photography. Of course digital photography produces rich and sharp pictures but it just is not the same thing.
I believe that film photography produces an incomparable look that is way better suited to catch the vibrant and energy loaded mood you get from a good punk rock concert. Looking at portraits and concert photos on film one just gets this different and somewhat distant look that is only achievable through what commonly is named film photography – but I will call it Stars on Silver.
So on this blog I will show concert photos taken on film, discuss camera and film developing techniques as well as composition and colour and how to use both to express a certain idea. Of course I will also look on how to scan and post process the pictures.
If you too are a concert photographer that shoots on film I will be happy if you show your work to me, it would be nice to see, what others do.
So I hope you enjoy reading and shooting.

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